General Terms & Conditions

Tickets are reserved exclusively online via the PCMF Tickets Reservation Form [TRF] at

PRISM Chamber Music Festival reserves the right to limit the number of tickets reserved per customer.


There are no additional fees to the standard ticket price of HKD $200.


Payment for the number of tickets reserved is to be paid by cash at PRISM Chamber Music Festival’s reception set up outside each concert / event. Any other means of payment, to be made strictly prior to the commence of the event by at least 3 working days, should be requested at the bottom of the TRF-form. The Festival administration will contact customer individually to arrange advance payment.


Unless otherwise noted, all PCMF Festival Events and Affiliate Events are free seating, with seats available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Event venues, in consultation with and at the consent of the Festival administration, reserves the right to reserve specific seats without prior notice.


At PCMF 2019 Festival Event venues [Youth Square, St John’s Cathedral] and Affiliate Event venues [Hotel Stage], accessibility seat locations are available at limited numbers and should be requested for in advance while reserving a ticket, at the bottom of the TRF-form. While the Festival administration will attempt the utmost to accommodate such requests, there is no absolute guarantee that the person accompanying the person requesting said accessibility seat location can be seated in the vicinity.


PRISM Chamber Music Festival reserves the right to cancel events on short notice. Such announcements will be made on social media platforms as well as on Festival’s official web portal.


Out of respect for the musicians and the audience, late-arriving customers will be admitted only during the intermission or at the discretion of the Festival’s event staff. Some events may be performed without intermission and / or late admission.


Video and audio recordings

Customers are strictly prohibited from making any kind of video and audio recordings at all PRISM Chamber Music Festival events unless otherwise authorised by the Festival administration.

Audiovisual recording by PRISM CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL

PRISM Chamber Music Festival records certain performance for audio or visual media. The customer agrees that PRISM Chamber Music Festival may also use recordings on which his or her person can be recognized if necessary.

Devices with RINGTONES

All devices with ringtones (mobile phones, watches, etc.) of any kind should be switched to silent or flight mode during performances.

House Regulations

The house regulations of the venue in which the respective PRISM Chamber Music Festival event takes place are valid. Customers whose behavior causes disturbance can be dismissed from the event by the Festival’s event staff or security staff.

Data Protection and Privacy

The personal information that you supply when making a purchase may be processed by PRISM Chamber Music Festival and used for its own promotional purposes. The customer hereby agrees. PRISM Chamber Music Festival does not trade customer information.


For damages suffered by a customer during a visit to a PRISM Chamber Music Festival event, PRISM Chamber Music Festival is liable only in cases of gross negligence or intentional violation of contractual obligations by PRISM Chamber Music Festival.

Change in the General Terms & Conditions

PRISM Chamber Music Festival reserves the right to adjust and emend these general terms & conditions at any time.