NOVA Ensemble

Founded on the principles of "excellence, innovation, community", NOVA Ensemble is an expanding collective of Hong Kong’s most outstanding, emerging classical instrumentalists, united by the mission of presenting and promoting chamber music performance at the highest possible.

At NOVA, we see our work beyond mere preservation. By re-interpreting beloved classics, introducing forgotten works from the past, and proactively commissioning new works for the ensemble, we establish a firm link between tradition and innovation. It is only by translating our heritage into stories relevant to the time, that we can re-engaging the community as an integral part of the process of musical creation, and pass that legacy on to future generations.

As musicians, we may be powerless in solving the many political, social and economic complications plaguing our world today; but through music – the stories we tell – we may at least offer the community a moment of pause, a space for reflection, and the possibility of creative dialogues and exchanges. 

NOVA Ensemble is the host of PRISM Chamber Music Festival.

NOVA Ensemble debuted at PRISM Chamber Music Festival in 2018, presenting works by Rautavaara, Debussy, Takashi Yoshimatsu, Villa-Lobos and Jolivet.