Launched in January 2019, EXORDIUM Collective [ExCo] is an expanding collection of young musician and artists dedicated to experimental and multimedia arts. The Collective’s founding members are saxophonist Charles Ng, percussionist Karen Yu, and flautist Angus Lee.

Already in their first performance, Beaming Shadows, ExCo presented to Hong Kong audiences a dazzling array of pieces that showcases their versatility. Together with renowned light artist Amy Chan, the Collective presented a multimedia dialogue between light and sound, featuring the regional première of works by Alvin Lucier and Thierry de Mey, as well as works by Brian Ferneyhough and Angus Lee.

EXORDIUM Collective debuts at PRISM Chamber Music Festival in 2019, with works by Nathaniel Haering, Yu Kuwabara, Emily Koh, Angus Lee, Nemanja Radivojević and Elnaz Seyedi.